What is Interventional Pain Management?

The phrase “interventional pain management” includes the diagnosis and treatment of pain and related disorders by applying techniques that directly interact with the structures mediating the pain.

Interventional pain management is different from other types of pain management in that it incorporates “combination therapy”. This means that each patient will be treated according to their condition and situation and will not just be treated with a prescription

Interventions are used to treat the pain at the site and determine what is causing the pain. An intervention may be anything from medications, to therapy, to injections, to surgery.

Is Stem Cell, Prolotherapy, or PRP covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, medical insurance does not cover those services.

What do I need to bring to my 1st appointment?

When you come to your first appointment please be 15 minutes early and bring the following:

Any diagnostic reports (MRI, CT Scan, X-Rays) If you have the films bring them too. We will return them to you.

Insurance cards and Photo ID

The name and number of your primary care physician and the referring physician if you have one.

If we are treating your injury due to an auto accident or injury that occurred at work please bring your claim number, adjuster’s name and phone number, attorney’s name and phone number, and any worker’s comp or auto insurance information.

Can I fill out my Patient Forms before I come in?

If you would like to fill out your “New Patient forms” before coming in please click: Forms

Should I expect to receive an injection at my first appointment?

You will not receive an injection at your first appointment. The purpose of your first appointment is to assess your medical history, perform a physical exam of your condition, and decide the plan of treatment best for you. If an injection is necessary, you will be given information and one will be scheduled for you.