Christopher B.
Submitted 09/28/21
Very professional, timely, and helped me with my pain. Thank you!

Cathy C.
Submitted 05/03/21
It’s difficult to express the level of respect, admiration and appreciation I have for both Dr. Burry and the incredible team of individuals she has assembled to create this practice. As a new patient, I was taken aback by the level of professionalism and efficiency I encountered every step of the way, but what truly amazed me was that each and every person with whom I interacted was incredibly nice! As in, genuinely nice!!! And helpful and caring and friendly!!! In fact, I assumed they must focus on making the new patient process as comfortable and pleasant as possible, but expected the “newness” would quickly wear off as I became a “regular” patient. I was wrong!!! Everyone there is Genuinely Nice, Warm, Caring, Friendly and Extremely Professional!! Most importantly, the medical treatment I have received is exceptional. Consistently. Dr. Burry is impressive.

Rosemarie E.
Submitted 03/23/21
I have been a patient of Dr Burry since before she had her own practice at least 16 years! I truly believe I would not be walking today had it not been for Dr Burry. Dr Burry has treated my back, neck, elbow, thumb joint, shoulder you name it she fixed it. I had seen several Dr’s prior to Dr Burry and never got the results I get from Dr Burry. Her shots are always spot on and I have always walked away feeling better! I travel now almost 30 miles to see Dr Burry but she is worth every mile. Dr Burry has always taken the time to listen and explain exactly what is going on – very kind and compassionate- Dr Burry and her staff are always very caring. You do not wait long in the waiting room or for Dr Burry to come in. Everyone in the office are very professional and I know I am getting the best care possible!! Thank you Dr Burry and staff! Here’s to a 10 star review! You are the best!

John S.
Submitted 01/14/20
Dr. Burry has been my Pain Management Doctor for nearly 4 years, She has not only adjusted my medication to a more tolerable dose/strength, but has recommended certain injections…from Facet,Trigger point and epidural, which all helped me keep my medications to a minimum. Also I highly recommend try Prolotherapy, it helped my knee issues without knee replacement….which was a major concern for me. Her staff is the best, as is “Dr.” Sam, her P.A. Thanks for all you have done. P.S. For all her efforts I was able to lose 45 pounds in 3 years due to less pain and being able to walk more.

Submitted 10/21/19
very professional

Ethel B.
Submitted 10/18/19
She’s the Best Pain doctor Ever.. She listens! Not a long wait to be seen..

Robert C.
Submitted 09/17/19
Dr Burry’s office team is the best!

Niraj P.
Submitted 09/17/19
Great Doctor! Listens carefully and asks a lot of pertinent questions to provide great therapy. I recommend her strongly.

Robert A.
Submitted 09/16/19
After several months of treatment I am pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the consistently high level of care and professionalism that Dr Burry personally demonstrates, and the warm and friendly service I have received from her assistants. There has never been an occasion where I felt uncomfortable or forgotten or unimportant. I don’t even mind leaving a urine sample if asked because the staff is so polite and caring. I have told my boss and my work Team after also telling my family how great my experience has been at Dr Burry’s office. I will continue trusting her and taking her advice because I am almost 80% better now than when I first saw her so many months ago! Thank you!

Keith B.
Submitted 09/16/19
Nice staff and all professional. Been steady patient and have recommended others.

Lisa S.
Submitted 09/16/19
Excellent Dr.

Myra W.
Submitted 09/13/19
Nice staff and on point

Francis R.
Submitted 09/13/19
I met with Dr. Barry’s assistant and we had a good discussion about alternative methods of pain relief. I will follow up with the doctor when I see her next.

Susan G.
Submitted 09/13/19
I have severe back pain. Dr. Burry has managed to control most of my pain. The atmosphere in the office is very friendly. Dr. Burry is a wonderful doctor.

David C.
Submitted 09/13/19
Very professional and friendly.

Submitted 09/12/19
I have been seeing Dr Burry for years she is the best Dr. Very attentive, really cares.

Pat D.
Submitted 09/11/19
Good experience each visit. Dr. Burrys staff is very helpful and uplifting. Nakisha at the front desk does a good job with accommodating patients and making them feel welcome. I feel very satisfied with the continual care under Dr. Burry

Melanie M.
Submitted 09/11/19
The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Burry always listens to my concerns and takes my input seriously. It is a team effort to manage my pain.